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Professor Imelda Maher


Nikiana Lambert

Accountability of the European Union and its Member States for Human Rights Violations in Extraterritorial Border Control Efforts in the Central Mediterranean

Lucia Hakala

Think Global, Act Local? Evaluate the Role of Law in Sub-National Responses to Climate Change

Jana Stosic

Double punishment possible under EU competition law? Case C-617/17: Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń na Życie v Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Konkurencji i Konsumentów

Justyna Frankowska

Case Study: Assessing the English colonial corporate legal transplants in Malaysia and India in their aftermath

Hishaam Salehmohamed

Toward a European Production Order for Electronic Evidence

Lucas Pinelli

Has malice had its day? A comparative analysis of malice in defence to defamation: Case note on Jonathan Lu v Paul Chan Mo-po [2018] HKCFA 11

William WL Wong

ELSA Amicus Prize Winner 2018-19

Emmanuel Michelakakis-Howe

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Professor Michael O’Flaherty

A Comparative Analysis of the Constitution-Making Process in Tunisia and South Africa

Jorinde Duhme

Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts and the Boundaries of Consumer Protection in European Contract Law

Florence Eicher

Horizontal Mergers in the Airline Industry: An Analysis of the European Commission’s Approach to the ‘Failing Firm’ Defence

Nika Nonveiller

Maintaining the Lex Loci Protectionis?: Choice-of-Law in Ubiquitous Copyright Infringement

Jordan Rhodes

The Role of the Judiciary in Dismantling Abortion Laws: A Comparative Study of the United States and Northern Ireland

Kacper Zajac

Positioning Choice of Court Agreements in the Brexit Maelstrom

Alix de Zitter

ELSA Amicus Prize Winner 2017

Anna Whaley

Volume I of the SCELR may be read here.




Professor Paul Craig


Jessica Allen and Sam Hussaini

A comparative analysis of Gardbaum's New Commonwealth Model of Constitutionalism

Julia Bambach

Privacy shield or privacy mask? An analysis of European data protection law in response to the case of Maximillian Schrems v Data Protection Commissioner and the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation

Gráinne Carr

Distinctions between the ‘in ius’ and ‘in personam’ trusts

Alexander YS Georgiou

A comparison of the right of gender recognition and related rights for trans persons in the UK and India

Alice Gould

Freedom of panorama and virtual reality video games: a comparative study of the fragmented legal framework in Europe

Beata Sobkow

An exploration of Paragraph 15 of China's Protocol of Accession to the WTO and anti-dumping within the context of non-market economies: can the EU continue to deny market economy status to China?

Marc Whittle

Case comment: Case C-157/15 Samira Achbita and Centrum voor gelijkheid van kansen en voor racismebestrijding v G4S Secure Solutions NV. ECLI:EU:C:2017:203

Gabriela Leszko

ELSA Amicus Essay Prize 2016

Gemma Hayes