It is with the greatest pleasure that we are finally able to present the first edition of the Student Comparative and European Law Review (SCELR), a joint initiative of ELSA United Kingdom and ELSA Ireland which seeks to extol excellent student scholarship and share high-quality articles from students throughout Europe with the wider legal community in the UK, Ireland, and beyond. As the second and most significant of two new interrelated AA projects established in the 2016-17 term, the SCELR marks a turning point for the National Board of ELSA UK.

You may download a copy of Volume 1 here and read about the Editorial Board here.




We are excited to present the 2nd Edition of SCELR. We encourage you to read the submission which are all acaemically intriguing and thought provoking. We kindly congratulate our Amicus Essay Winner Anna Whaley and encourage you to read her winning essay featured in this edition.

You may download a copy of Volume 2 here.