Style Guide

  • Tone

    • Submissions should be written in a formal tone using plain English.
    • The Oxford English Dictionary should be used as a language and spelling guide.
    • Gender-neutral language should be used (‘he or she’ or ‘they’), except where the context demands otherwise.
  • Language

    • Entries may be written in either first- or third-person, but tense and person should be used consistently throughout the submission.
    • Italics should be used for phrases written in Latin, for foreign language phrases not included in the Oxford English Dictionary, or to add emphasis.
    • Figures should be used for dates, addresses, percentages, numbers higher than ten and monetary values up to five figures.
  • Quotations

    • Single quotation marks should be used for emphasis and quotations; double quotation marks for quotations within quotations.
    • Quotations less than four lines long should run in line with the main text. Quotations more than three lines long should form their own paragraph and be indented.
    • Amendments to quotations, including ellipses to mark omissions, should be enclosed in square brackets. Added emphasis should be acknowledged in the footnote. Errors or discriminatory terms in quotations should not be altered if they are direct quotations, but may be acknowledged by the insertion of the word ‘[sic]’.
  • References


  • Content

    • Submissions should include an abstract of up to 200 words.
    • The main text should be in Times New Roman, size 12, justified and double-spaced.
    • If used, headings should be justified, bold, size 14. Sub-headings should be justified, italicised, size 12.
    • Footnotes should be size 10 and single-spaced. The footer should include a page number.
  • Acknowledgements

    • The title of the article or name of the case noted should appear at the top of the submission, centred, size 16.
    • The name of the author(s) should be included below, centred, size 14. A short biographical footnote should be appended to the name of the author.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Diagrams, tables and images may be used where appropriate.
    • Lists should, where possible, be in bullets or numbered.
    • Hyperlinks may be used in the body of the text where appropriate.


PDF Versions of the Rules and Style Guide are available for download.